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Since 2020, I have proudly served as your Councilmember, championing efforts to enhance our community and now I am running for Mayor to lead Irvine towards a safer, more inclusive, and innovative future.


  • Spearheaded initiatives to improve infrastructure and enhance public safety.

  • Fostered economic development for a sustainable and prosperous community.

  • Advocated for affordable housing and modern transportation solutions.

  • Expanded environmental stewardship programs. Implemented advanced technology in public safety.



  • Ensure access to safe, affordable housing for every family.

  • Provide exceptional education for all children.

  • Create economic opportunities that benefit every Irvine citizen.

  • Expand environmental initiatives for a greener future.

  • Enhance public safety through innovative solutions.

  • Foster community unity and engagement, ensuring every voice is heard.


Since 2020, it has been my privilege to serve as your Councilmember and to work tirelessly to voice and represent the diverse interests of our city. During my tenure, I spearheaded initiatives to improve our community's infrastructure, enhance public safety, and foster economic development, ensuring a sustainable and prosperous Irvine for all.

At this pivotal point in our city’s history, I recognize the need for leadership that not only listens but acts with foresight and determination. That's why I am running for Mayor -  to propel Irvine toward a future that is safer, more inclusive, and more forward-thinking than ever.
Our city faces complex challenges including affordable housing, modern transportation, environmental stewardship, and public safety. I have a proven track record in these areas, having advocated for and implemented policies that have made tangible improvements in our community. As Mayor, I will continue to champion these critical issues. My vision for Irvine includes not just maintaining, but enhancing our quality of life through innovative, effective solutions. I see a city where every family has access to safe, affordable housing; where every child receives exceptional education; where each resident feels a deep sense of belonging; and where our neighborhoods are safe. 

I will build on my council achievements by implementing advanced technology in public safety, expanding environmental initiatives, and creating more economic opportunities that benefit every Irvine citizen.
This vision requires active participation from all corners of our community. As your Mayor, I will ensure that every voice is heard and every sector is engaged. I am committed to uniting our community, fostering dialogue, and bridging divides.

I ask for your trust,  your support , and your vote to continue making a significant impact. Together, let's write the next chapter in Irvine's story—a chapter marked by enhanced safety, prosperity, and  the promise of a brighter future for everyone.




As Irvine grows, I remain committed to keeping Irvine the safest city in the country. As a forward-thinking leader, I have enhanced public safety by integrating advanced technologies into our strategy. As your mayor, I will continue to prioritize innovative solutions to keep our neighborhoods safe.​​



As the founder of Irvine Tech Week, I am dedicated to boosting Irvine’s economic future by fostering business relations that enhance our job market, expand our tax base, and ensure Irvine leads in innovation and economic development.

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I will continue to prioritize creative solutions in addressing Irvine's housing needs through thoughtful and balanced development. My top priority is to create workforce housing programs that benefit working professionals like teachers, nurses, police officers, and firefighters who add to the fabric of our community, but are priced out of the existing housing market.  



Since being elected, I have been determined to reverse years of inaction and mismanagement at the Great Park, making it a priority to restore its intended purpose and potential. My leadership has catalyzed the transformation of the park by putting the PARK back in the Great Park.


Business Partners at Work

Business & Innovation

  • Introduced an ordinance establishing Irvine's Economic Development Department.

  • Created Irvine Tech Week to encourage and nurture entrepreneurship in Irvine to future-proof our city for the next 50 years.

  • Introduced a policy to make city contracting and procurement more equitable, giving preference to small, minority, women, and veteran-owned businesses based in Irvine.

Sustainable Energy

Environmental Goals

  • Completed the acquisition and closure of the All American Asphalt plant, creating the Gateway Preserve and adding hundreds of acres of protected open space.

  • Established Irvine's Sustainability Commission to actively advance our goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2030, integrating sustainability into the city's operations in alignment with our Climate Action Plan.

  • Joined the Orange County Power Authority Board of Directors to advance climate action goals and achieved a 3% reduction in Basic Choice rates compared to Southern California Edison as of March 2024.

Great Park Development

  • Advocated for a botanical garden in the Great Park framework plan, supported by strong community support.

  • Led the efforts to initiate groundbreaking on the first phase of the Great Park Framework Plan after decades of mismanagement and delays.

  • Joined all 34 cities in supporting the creation of the OC Veterans Cemetery at the Anaheim Gypsum Canyon site, ending decades-long battles and politicization.

  • Approved an agreement to develop a food and retail center at Hangar 244 in the Great Park with plans also underway to retrofit FivePoint's Hangar 10 into additional public market and retail space.

  • Spearheaded the approval for a temporary amphitheater called Great Park Live with ongoing strides towards building a permanent amphitheater slated to open by 2027.

Health & Public Safety

Firehouse Gear
  • Introduced an ordinance to establish an Office of Health and Wellness in Irvine.

  • Secured council support for a community workforce agreement to accompany Irvine's largest-ever public works project at the Great Park.

  • Established Irvine's first-ever Hate Crime Reporting Portal in multiple languages, making Irvine the first city in Orange County to independently track hate incidents.

  • Directed an increase in the installation of security cameras at senior centers, community centers, and parks, equipping Irvine Police with essential tools and leveraging technology to proactively enhance public safety.

Construction Engineer

Housing Affordability

  • Advocated for and secured council support to initiate an assessment and feasibility study to establish an Irvine Housing Authority.

  • Approved our first mixed-use housing project by converting parts of the Irvine Marketplace into residential units, adding 1,261 units, including over 200 affordable units at very low-income level.

  • Voted to join the OC Housing Finance Trust to enhance resources for addressing the shortage of affordable and supportive housing.

Magnifying Glass

Transparency & Accountability

  • Introduced an anti-nepotism ordinance preventing council members from appointing family members to city commissions.

  • Initiated negotiations with the OC Public Library system to secure equitable resources for Irvine's libraries.

  • Streamlined the public comment process by passing improvements that enable residents to give public comments directly following staff presentations of agenda items.

  • Introduced an ordinance to make virtual public comments via Zoom permanent, ensuring accessibility for residents and supporting inclusivity in the democratic process.






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