Passion - Principled - Proven

 Moving Irvine forward to a better future


I’m running for Irvine City Council to bring my experience as a small business owner, non-profit leader, community advocate and a mother to better serve the citizens, businesses and community organizations that help to make Irvine such a wonderful city.


A resident for more than fifteen years, I’m grateful for all that Irvine has provided for my family. Now is my opportunity to give back. We need fresh ideas and global thinking to move us toward a sustainable future. Planning is about managing traffic and other impacts of growth, but also being forward-thinking — making sure we’re growing in a way that is smart and sustainable and ensuring we create housing for all income levels.


Elections are opportunities. If you believe in a vision for Irvine that is world-class, open and inclusive and where your elected representatives serve the public interest, not special interests, I am a candidate who shares those priorities. I am running to represent all the residents of Irvine, and once elected, pledge to work every day to serve our community with integrity, transparency and respect.


Maintaining High Quality of Life

Committed to public safety and ensuring Irvine is the best place to LIVE, WORK, and PLAY. 

Sustainable Development

Making environmental stewardship and smart growth the centerpiece of our planning vision.


Ensuring  that working families, our teachers, firefighters, police, and healthcare workers can afford to live in Irvine and contribute to the fabric of our community.


Ensuring that Irvine leads the way in innovative green technology, economic development and investing in technology to improve city services. 



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