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 Moving Irvine forward to a better future


I became a resident of Irvine 15 years ago in search of a good quality of life for my family. The excellent public schools, safe neighborhoods, robust business environment and open spaces made Irvine an ideal place to call home. But now, there are issues such as unsustainable growth, projected budget deficit, higher cost of living, and traffic congestion, that are jeopardizing our quality of life that require immediate action and strong leadership. My background as an experienced corporate and nonprofit executive, and small business owner has given me the qualifications and skill set to take on these challenges and come up with innovative and comprehensive solutions. Moreover, my experience as a community advocate and working mom has given me deep and nuanced understanding of the day-to-day realities that our residents encounter.  


Together we can tackle these issues facing our community and build a more inclusive and innovative Irvine that will inspire generations. I am ready to lead Irvine in a positive direction and will protect the quality of life and stand up for the Irvine values of community and sustainability for ALL of our residents, including our families, our seniors, and our young people. 


Maintaining High Quality of Life

Committed to public safety and ensuring Irvine is the best place to LIVE, WORK, and PLAY. 

Sustainable Development

Meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations. 



Ensuring  that working families, our teachers, firefighters, police, and healthcare workers can afford to live in Irvine and contribute to the fabric of our community.


Ensuring that Irvine leads the way in innovative green technology, economic development and investing in technology to improve city services. 



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